Gain Control of Your Translation Process

Welcome to SDL MultiTrans® – our innovative modular translation management system that manages centralizes and automates your translation workflows in a highly secure environment. MultiTrans leverages your translation memory and unifies your terminology for accuracy and high-quality translations while increasing efficiency.

A One-stop Management Solution

With SDL MultiTrans, you can connect your ecosystem of content solutions to your linguistic stakeholders in a highly secure environment. SDL Multitrans allows connectivity of your content, to machine and human translation resources, with a unique ability for online review of content.

An Innovative Response to Globalization

Global organizations use our market-leading translation technology to prepare, manage, approve and deliver their multilingual content in a more coherent, clear and efficient way.  Discover how SDL MultiTrans works better, smarter and faster for you.

Why is the new version of SDL MultiTrans for you?

SDL MultiTrans 2017 will streamline and maximize every aspect of your organization’s translation and localization process to reduce your overall costs—faster and more accurately.

Want to see this translation management system in action?


50+ MultiTrans development and support team employees


52,000+ Users


Up to 70% faster translation process


Up to 50% recycling of your translation memory with TextBase


Up to 30% cost savings with in-built Advanced Leveraging Translation Memory, compared to traditional tools

Improve Your Translation Workflow With SDL MultiTrans


Flow is our comprehensive project and workflow management solution. It delivers full control, superior automation and complete transparency. Flow provides a new environment for intuitive, web-based editing of translations.


TextBase is our proprietary translation memory tool that features our unique and innovative “Advanced Leveraging Translation Memory” (ALTM) solution.


TermBase is our intuitive terminology management tool that provides automated features and TBX compliance (TBX is the industry-standard format for terminology data exchange). It supports the consistency of your terminology across all your translations.

Download the SDL MultiTrans Brochure

In today’s global marketplace, the process of translation is an increasingly complex one to manage, particularly for organizations operating in multiple markets. One of the key challenges in this multi-faceted process is risk – specifically, the risk of security leaks.

As an international organization with a corporate reputation to safeguard, it is vital that your intellectual property is kept secure. While traditional translation solutions might put you at risk, SDL MultiTrans, a new best-of-breed translation management system (TMS), rises to the challenge of risk. Download our brochure to learn more.

We Exceed Your Expectations

Expect the best – and get even more with the SDL MultiTrans TMS – the industry-leading translation management system, recognized by Common Sense Advisory as the Market Leader for Comprehensive Translation Management Systems.

The SDL MultiTrans TMS streamlines every aspect of your translation and localization process to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of your multilingual communications.

Central visibility of all your translation projects

Control and reduce costs

Stops the re-translation of approved content

Use approved terminology consistently

Reduce turnaround times with streamlined processes

Easily exchange documents of any size in a highly secure environment

* The SDL MultiTrans TMS was cited as Market Leader by Common Sense Advisory (an independent market research firm focusing on language-related intelligence) in March 2016. 


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global consumers.