Release Your Site’s Potential

Releasing the full potential of your website will enable you to reach your international audiences and increase revenue in all your target markets. This requires adopting a holistic solution that involves not just a good localization of the content, but also the right marketing strategy before you launch your sites globally so they rank high in local search engines and drive conversions.

Key Elements of Successful Website Globalization


We culturally adapt the content to suit your local audiences, from the finer details, such as currencies, to concepts, such as cultural references.


We can handle technical aspects of your site, so that each language version shows correct characters, measurements, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

From the technical aspects to the right keywords, we optimize your sites for search so that they rank higher in SERPs.

We have you covered!

Having a website without a strong marketing strategy behind it will make it harder to reach your audiences or its full potential. Many organizations forget to create a strategy for each language their website is localized into. SDL helps clients overcome this challenge by partnering with a specialized digital marketing agency so that sites aren’t just culturally adapted to different markets, but also optimized for search.

Combined with our network of specialized linguists for your industry, who understand these digital marketing challenges, we provide holistic website localization solutions empowered by innovative technology to make your life easier.

To help you in each step of the globalization of your website, we carry out:

A technical review to ensure that the source site is optimized for search.

Keyword research for each target language.

Optimized content localization to to improve conversions.

International link building.

Multilingual SEO Services

We can help boost the success of your digital marketing activities, both organic and paid, by conducting a relevant keyword research for each of your target languages. This can identify keywords that have high search volume and low organic competitor rating, so that:

  • Your website content is optimized for search engines
  • You have effective PPC Adwords campaigns

Technology to Streamline the Process

We offer different options to streamline the website localization process to suit the needs of our clients, from traditional solutions using exported files, to cutting-edge translation technology.

Our wide range of connectors can effortlessly integrate the capabilities of our SDL MultiTrans Translation Management System with your Web Content Management System.


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global consumers.