Multimedia Localization

You need to engage your consumers in a way that’s meaningful. Multimedia localization, such as video, is considered a more effective way to engage your target audiences and when translated accurately, can bring global content to local cultures. Our integral service offering in this sector includes:

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling, captioning and burn-in
  • Voice-over (layback of voice/wild recording)
  • Video editing

Our experienced team of professional multilingual voice talent artists give you the freedom to select the right voice that is perfectly attuned to the cultural nuances for your brand and your image. We also provide full studio services, including recording, editing, provision of sample reels and final videos.

When it comes to file formats, we can work with an unlimited range including .srt, .sbv, .scc, .dfxp, .smi, .sub, .lrc, .rt, or .stl for when you need to upload subtitling scripts onto social media channels. We can subtitle any video, whether in standard (SD) or high definition (HD) format.

Multimedia localization


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global consumers.