Real-Time Communication

If it’s face-to-face and verbal communication that you require, SDL has you covered. For times when you need real-time communication and where different languages are used between stakeholders, clients, or even within your company, we can arrange multilingual interpreting services using state-of-the-art equipment, whatever the occasion. Thanks to our interpreting expertise and our team of professional interpreters, language barriers will no longer interfere with the globalization goals of your company.

Interpreting team diversity

The Right Solution for Your Interpreting Goals

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting
Transcription and recognition Interpreting
Interpreting team

A Team of Specialists

Our interpreters undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that we can pair you with a professional who is not only a linguistic expert but also a field specialist, for example an expert in the life sciences, legal, corporate, or financial sector. Our goal is to render your spoken words accurately and equally relevant, in any language.

Comprehensive Interpreting Offering


Our interpreter translates during the pauses between the speakers' discourse.


Our interpreter conveys the meaning in real time, while the speaker is talking.


An informal method of interpreting that we provide, usually for one or more attendees in a meeting, lunch, etc.


Our interpreters convey the meaning in any language via phone, voiceover IP, video conferencing, or Internet Relay chat (IRC).


We provide simultaneous interpreting which is suitable for television coverage.


Our interpreters facilitate communications between individuals speaking different languages in small groups.

Interpreting Technology

Our technology teams are experts with the latest interpreting equipment available, and will assist you in selecting the best solution to meet your requirements. Besides microphones, headsets and recording equipment, we can also provide soundproof booths, interpreting consoles (fitted with microphone, volume control and relay switching) and transmission solutions.

The Right Expertise

Our technical experience allows us to offer you a complete service for localization and interpreting services. Combine this with our extensive resources, global support 24/7/365 and sector-specific expertise, and we can always ensure that your multilingual message is delivered exactly as you require to all your global markets.


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global consumers.