Deliver More Value to Your Global Consumers

Multilingual language solutions

Multilingual Solutions

SDL is a leading provider of language services and technology. We support many of the leading global organizations and brands with a full range of multilingual communications solutions that break down barriers, build connections and deliver measurable results.

Whether you need to speak to customers in a mature market or target new prospects, our high-quality translated content mirrors your brand’s original voice while also recognizing the target audiences’ cultural preferences.

Speak your clients’ language and reap the rewards.

We provide a comprehensive solution for all of your foreign language needs:


We render any document in a specific source language into a target language while retaining its meaning, tone and style.


We render verbal communication into any target language in real-time, or just after, while retaining the meaning, tone and intent.


We adapt any type of content for a specific region or market so that it looks and feels like it was created for that specific locale.

Creative Services

Delivering a brand's message to global markets takes creativity and international expertise. We help to craft the voice of enterprise brands worldwide.

Our Technology Solutions

Managing the translation of your content is not an easy task, this is why we offer you a full range of innovative translation technology options to help you streamline the management of your global content. With SDL MultiTrans®, you can focus on what matters most – your business.


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global consumers.