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Marketing in the life sciences sector can mean complexities not seen in other industries. Strict processes and regulations can make it difficult to connect with your target audiences. The industry is continually evolving which creates challenges for brand compliance and consistency. The life cycle of products is getting shorter and companies need speed and flexibility to get products to market at the right time.

On top of this, global marketing content and visuals have to be adapted for different audiences in order to convey the same message to everyone, but with a local touch. Your marketing messages must resonate with a range of audiences, cultures, and languages while being sensitive to local customs and social norms.

We’ll Help You Navigate this Complicated Landscape

A Team of Dedicated Linguists

We have a network of over 15,000 translators across the world. When you work with SDL, you’ll work with a team that’s been specifically recruited to support you. As well as expertise in the life sciences sector, as native language speakers, they bring insight into the specific vocabulary of your customers.

Specialized Knowledge and Systems

The life sciences sector is a highly regulated one and one which undergoes constant change. Your translation partner needs to be someone who stays on top of regulatory trends and will ensure your compliance – from the Bertrand Act to IDMP. SDL has dedicated project and language teams in place for all our clients. These teams ensure we continue to deliver consistent, responsive, and high-quality translations to all our clients.

More than Just Translations

SDL offers a wider range of high-quality translation solutions to all our customers. We provide human and machine translation, sworn, certified, and back translation. However, for our marketing communication clients, we also have a number of specific offerings to help you achieve your objectives.

Focus in the life sciences industry has shifted. There is more emphasis on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. Local regulatory authorities are taking an active role in understanding and controlling how products are marketed in their regions. As well as a high-quality translation, you need to sure consistency across different markets – taking into account the subtleties and requirements of individual markets.

Creative Services

Video editing, subtitling and voice over

You need to ensure your film and video is accessible for people around the world. Our expert voice-over and subtitling team create and translate scripts to perfectly fit the timing of your videos, adapting them to reflect the subtleties of your target language.

SEO localization services

Once your content has been created, you need to make sure people can find it. It’s not enough to simply translate your website’s current keywords. Our native-language translation teams will optimize your sites for search results with accurate, high-quality content that uses the terminology your target audience actually uses.

App localization

The next person who downloads your app could be from anywhere in the world. You need to ensure your app is ready and seamlessly communicates with your target audiences. We can help you achieve this.

Localization Solutions


Transcreation takes a concept in one language and recreates it in another. We can work with you to rebuild your content so it reflects the social and cultural nuances of your target audience. We can help you localize your campaign with country-specific preferences and culturally appropriate wording to ensure you get the desired reaction from your audience, anywhere in the world.

Desktop Publishing and design

It’s important that no matter the language of your collateral, it has the same impact on your audience. Translating text can drastically change the length, look, and meaning of your content. We will work with you to fine tune your designs taking into account different scripts, fonts, and reading direction.


We cover the full spectrum of marketers’ needs, from brand name generation, to creative campaign concepts, to search engine and conversion optimization.

Technology to Streamline the Process

Managing large marketing campaigns often involves a range of channels – from websites to apps to white papers – and numerous stakeholders, systems, and procedures. At SDL, we don’t want to add to the noise. We want to make this process easier for you. Our Translation Management System holds all your documents for upload, review, and sign off in one place.

Our technology connects to industry-leading content and web management systems, to further optimize digital connections and transformations.

We are specialists in:

Marketing campaigns

White papers

Social media

Video content


Mobile applications

Press releases

Marketing collateral


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global consumers.